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  • From life struggles to triumphant victories, Shamieka has truly overcome through God's grace and mercy; shielding her and protecting her along the way. Her awesome story really shows me that inspite of your sin, your mess, your situation; that you will still be in alignment with God's will for your life because nothing will and can snatch you from you're predestined place in Christ!

    P.K. SpearmanOwner of Living Large Radio Show

  • Shamieka Dean is a very beautiful and inspiring woman! She keeps a positive outlook motivating people to keep God first before anything! Shamieka is a person I definitely look up to. I wish there were more women like you around! Keep doing what you are doing. May God continue to bless you.

    Candice McDaniel

  • Shamieka I'm grateful to tell you that you are really walking in the footsteps that God wants you to walk in....inspiring the people with the word and I myself have been truly blessed by a lot of your words of inspiraton.

    Monica Mance

  • Through your testimony I learned to not judge people by there actions. I learned that there is more to a person than just what you see. Your testimony is so powerful. You are an amazing woman of God. I enjoyed hearing you speak. You are changing lives.

    Shundal Smith