To have a successful relationship with anyone else, you must have a successful relationship with yourself first.

~Shamieka Dean, The Queen of Restoration~





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  • From life struggles to triumphant victories, Shamieka has truly overcome through God's grace and mercy; shielding her and protecting her along the way. Her awesome story really shows me that inspite of your sin, your mess, your situation; that you will still be in alignment with God's will for your life because nothing will and can snatch you from you're predestined place in Christ!

    P.K. SpearmanOwner of Living Large Radio Show

  • Shamieka I'm grateful to tell you that you are really walking in the footsteps that God wants you to walk in....inspiring the people with the word and I myself have been truly blessed by a lot of your words of inspiraton.

    Monica Mance

  • Through your testimony I learned to not judge people by there actions. I learned that there is more to a person than just what you see. Your testimony is so powerful. You are an amazing woman of God. I enjoyed hearing you speak. You are changing lives.

    Shundal Smith

  • “I invite you to walk A Mile in My Shoes, experience my struggles, endure my pain, then maybe you will understand why I am how I am, why I do what I do, and maybe your view of me would change too”. – Shamieka Dean I’ve known Shamieka Dean nearly all of my life as we are from the same hometown and went to school together. Only now do I realize that I never really knew her. Since joining Shamieka Dean Ministries and hearing her testimony, I not only got to know who she is, but I now know myself. Like Shamieka, I am a victim of childhood sexual abuse. Like Shamieka, I blamed myself and felt I wasn’t good enough at times to have God’s best. Like Shamieka, I’ve made bad choices in my adult life that were a direct action of the hurt and pain that I allowed to consume me. I have been saved since I was 11 years old, but I’m just now learning what that means. With Shamieka’s counseling and guidance through God I’ve learned what God’s mercy and grace truly is. God wants us broken and bruised, He wants us to not have it all figured out, He wants us just as we are- so that He can fully restore us and make us whole. You don’t have to be a super Christian and strive for “perfection”. God’s already done that for you through Jesus! Shamieka Dean Ministries is not your typical ministry. This ministry is one that is anointed by God, Holy Spirit led, but nontraditional and of this generation. Shamieka is approachable, truthful, and confidential. God has trusted her with His flock and I thank Him daily that I’m connected to her. Shamieka has a heart for God’s people and she doesn’t judge, but be prepared to hear the word of God from her concerning all things. Shamieka Dean ministries has so much to bless you with from Relationship Wednesday, Motivations by Mieka to her podcasts. She also provides conferences for restoring broken relationships and women such as the Our Shoes and A Mile in My Shoes conferences. If you haven’t joined a church in your area and you’re not tithing, sow into this ministry. In Pastor (she’s my pastor) Shamieka Dean’s words, “You sow where you grow”. You can also sow with your talents. This ministry welcomes and needs your support in advancing the kingdom of God.

    Carmen N. StanleyPHR, SHRM-CP