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This course gives you PROVEN and PRACTICAL steps to uncover your purpose, a SIMPLE 7 Step Formula to reveal your spiritual gifts and natural talents to fulfill your purpose EFFECTIVELY, a POWERFUL strategy to combat FEAR and walk BOLDLY in your new found freedom, help you gain the confidence you need to be YOURSELF UNAPOLOGETICALLY, and say GOODBYE to living someone else’s dream, a PROFOUND approach to unlocking the power to give you the lifestyle of FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY so that you won’t have to give up what you love to do what you’re purposed to do.


The REVEAL: A Prophetic Book Writing Masterclass is POWERFUL and PROFOUND ONLINE course STRATEGICALLY designed to birth your story through the power of PROPHETIC writing.

The Reveal teaches you how to directly ALIGN yourself with the heart of God to receive Holy Spirit inspired instructions to help you HEAL as you REVEAL your story. You will learn how to properly POSITION yourself in prayer and to receive PROPHETIC insight to write your story in a way that will not only HEAL you but ALSO those who read your story. As you go through this course you will be equipped with DIVINE impartation to DISPEL the fears that have prevented you from releasing your story. You will learn how to DISPENSE your unique SOUND in the earth and DISPERSE a remnant of power that will break generational curses and propel you into a GREATER FUTURE. The bondage of GUILT, FEAR, and SHAME will be dissipated. You will walk away with FREEDOM from your past, POWER to take control of your future and BOLDNESS to live in your truth.


Make Your Purpose Pay You is a CUTTING EDGE online course with the LATEST and GREATEST social media strategies to build a LASTING business yielding PROFITABLE results.

This course gives you an INSIDE look into the EXACT tools, tips and techniques I used to turn my PURPOSE into a SIX FIGURE brand using only wifi, cell phone and a laptop. You’ll walk away with the CLARITY you need to develop products and services your clients will LOVE and QUICKLY pay for.