Uncover Your


UGH…..After snoozing the alarm clock for the third time, reality hit you once again because you know you’re about to spend the next eight hours in misery at a job you hate with a manager who despises you.  You are overworked and underpaid, five to seven days a week.


You know this job is a dead end but you stay there because you believe you can’t afford to quit. You can’t even afford to get sick. You have a family depending on you to house, clothe and feed them. How else will you make ends meet, right? Deep down inside, you know you deserve better pay. You have gifts, talents and skills that are lying dormant inside. You have dreams that are dying while you’re building someone else’s. You know there is more to life than what you’re experiencing but you just don’t know what it is or how to get it.


You are FRUSTRATED at your job! “You slick hate your job, for real for real”

You feel LOST and CONFUSED about why you’re here. “You just walking around looking like you looking, don’t know if you’re coming or going."

You’ve been living BENEATH your POTENTIAL 

You’ve been CRIPPLED by FEAR 

You’ve been bound by the OPINIONS of what PEOPLE THINK. “We gone get you delivered from people Today!”

You have GREAT ideas but you don’t know IF they will work. 

You want to step out on FAITH but your bank account has held you hostage. “Fooling with me, I’ll have you walking around with that Peter walking on water type of Faith.” 


You have EVERYTHING you need to live the life you want and to manifest the desires of your heart. “You’ve been sleeping on your greatness.”

You’re UNIQUE!


You’ve got a gift inside of you that can create FINANCIAL STABILITY, FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY! 

You’re SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED!

You’ve been PRAYING for a WAY out! “And the answer is at your fingertips, Yassss!!!”

You’re READY to do whatever it takes to FINALLY live life on your own terms! “Because ain’t nobody got time for that.”

I know this because you’re HERE!


I went to paid misery (a job I hated) for five years. I was making GOOD money and the BENEFITS were spectacular. But…I was UNHAPPY. 

I stayed on the job, praying that things would get better. The OPPOSITE happened. Things got WORST. So much so, I began losing weight rapidly. “I looked a HOT MESS!”

I did what I ALWAYS did when things got tough, I prayed for a way out. Little did I know, my way out would be TERMINATION!  “God didn’t have to do me like that, BUT I’m glad He did.”

Guess what, I didn’t have a job lined up. I had three children to feed. I had went through a painful divorce, suffered spinal injuries from a tornado, two car accidents, and buried my daughter’s father in a time span of eleven months. 

At this point, I had NOTHING but nothing gave birth to EVERYTHING! 

It was when I was down to nothing that I uncovered my purpose. 

I soon discovered that EVERYTHING I needed to live the life I desired was ALREADY WITHIN me. 

I spent so much time looking without that I was missing the power within. The purpose I thought was lost was just hidden. It was hidden under the rules, regulations, labels and fears that were placed on me by society.

The truth is MOST people aren’t living their purpose because they don’t know HOW, don’t know WHO they are or WHAT they’re created to do.

This is the VERY reason I created a program called “How to Uncover Your Purpose” where I put everything I learned in uncovering my purpose into a step - by - step program. 

Because uncovering your purpose isn’t easy if you don’t know:

  • What Purpose Really Is

  • Who you are

  • What God put you on this earth to do

  • How to walk in your purpose NOW

  • How to uncover your spiritual gifts, natural skills and talents

  • How to use your gifts, talents and skills to fulfill your purpose

  • How to build the confidence to AUTHENTICALLY be who you’re created to be 

  • How to develop a strong prayer life which is the power to sustain you 

  • How to discern the voice of God to empower you to walk in your purpose

This is what “How to Uncover Your Purpose” will help you do. 

There are no gimmicks. I’m going to tell you EXACTLY what you’ll get and HOW you’ll get it. Because the world of technology is the way to go, You don’t have to wait 5 to 7 business days to receive anything in the mail. You don’t have to worry about missing class because you can take the course at your own pace.

You’ll get an email with your password to access your content which includes:

3 Training Videos

2 Pre-Recorded Group Strategy Sessions

Lifetime Access to Content (It’s Yours to Keep)

FREE Access to ALL Future LIVE Group Strategy Sessions

Bonus: Access to Mogul Minded Business BluePrint Support Group

This Simple yet TRANSFORMATIONAL Program along with wifi and a cell phone has afforded me to able to turn my purpose into a six figure profit. 

What I’m saying to YOU is that, you have purpose that you can turn your purpose into profit too BUT the first step is to UNCOVER the purpose that can one day pay you.

I have a program that will SHOW you EXACTLY how I did it.


Some of my BIGGEST struggles when I ventured out to uncover my purpose were Fear,  Uncertainty and Inadequacy. 

I was unsure about my purpose. I had no confidence in myself. I didn’t think I was really good at anything. I didn’t have anyone who was willing or able to teach me. I had to do it on my own. 

This is the SAME type of bondage that has prevented so MANY people from walking BOLDLY in their purpose. This is why I STRATEGICALLY structured this program to defeat fear, make purpose clear and help you identify who you are in HIM so that you wont’ rely on THEM to define it for you and to be your VIRTUAL MENTOR.

The is the ONLY ONLINE course that gives you PROVEN and PRACTICAL steps to uncover your purpose, a SIMPLE 7 Step Formula to reveal your spiritual gifts and natural talents to fulfill your purpose EFFECTIVELY, a POWERFUL strategy to combat FEAR and walk BOLDLY in your new found freedom, help you gain the confidence you need to be YOURSELF UNAPOLOGETICALLY,  and say GOODBYE to living someone else’s dream, a PROFOUND approach to unlocking the power to give you the lifestyle of FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY so that you won’t have to give up what you love to do what you’re purposed to do.

Imagine if you no longer had to hit the snooze button three times every morning because you would be waking up and knowing that you were going to spend the next five hours doing EXACTLY what God created you to doPicture this…you standing proudly in the auditorium watching Little Spongebob or Little LuLu perform as the tree in their school play. You’re in the crowd yelling “That’s my baby!” Completely unbothered by the other parents eye rolls because you’re so loud. 

You no longer have to call in and ask for a day off of work, because you’re positioning yourself to be your own BOSS by uncovering your purpose! 

Envision yourself smiling FOR REAL because FOR ONCE in your life you’re FINALLY happy and fulfilled. You’re not having to fake it to make it because you have purpose which is your power to live an ABUNDANT life. 

This probably sounds like a far fetched fairy tell but I’ve enrolled over 300 people into this program to date who are now out here living their BEST LIFE because now they are CONCRETE about WHY they’re here and are doing what they are PURPOSED to do. 

This program will EXPAND you in ways unimaginable. It will show you the endless possibilities birthed from simply KNOWING your purpose. 

ShamiekaI don’t know if I’m ready.

“Stop Playing! You’re ready to have freedom right? Aren’t you ready to spend time with your loved ones, make the money you want and work when you want?”

“OK then….Yes, YOU ARE READY and YOU CAN DO IT! “

You HAVE to……You ain’t got no choice. 

There are people waiting on YOU to give them the courage to live their purpose too.

Your FAMILY and FRIENDS are waiting on YOU! 

Not only that, You DESERVE this!  The peace and happiness you’ve been praying for is at the click of this button! 

Shamieka, I can’t do it right now. How do I know if it’s going to work for me? 

Because God has no respect of person. What He did for me, He’ll do it for you. “Yasss He Will!”

He gave me the strategies to make it easier for you. 

I really want to but I can’t afford it

The reality is You CAN’T afford NOT to. 

Your health isn’t going to be able to withstand the stress your body is going through. 

Your loved ones afford the BEST of you, not what’s LEFT of you. 

Your INCOME won’t increase until you do what you’re PURPOSED to do.

What if it doesn’t work?

It WILL work if you WORK it!

You can’t keep doing the SAME thing and expect DIFFERENT results.

What you’ve been doing hasn’t worked. 

NOW is the time to do something that WILL.

It’s not The RIGHT time

"Look, what you not gone do is…..You are not gonna keep talking yourself out of your NEXT LEVEL….No ma’am, No sir”


The evidence of the RIGHT TIME is you tossing and turning all night, unable to spend with your family and inability to spend money on yourself because your job is overworking you while underpaying you. 

It only takes ONE decision to change your life FOREVER! Choose to Uncover your Purpose to Unleash the Power to Unlock Your Prosperity.

You don’t have anymore time to waste. 

You’ve been in MISERY long enough.


As SOON as you click that button to register, you’ll receive access to your training videos in your inbox IMMEDIATELY. 

These are NOT the videos that JUST tell you WHAT you need to do, leaving you to figure out the HOW.

You will get APPLICABLE strategies INSTANTLY use to uncover your purpose. 

In this course, I remove the DOUBT and give you clarity about WHY you are HERE and WHAT you were created to do.

I also remove the CONFUSION about what purpose REALLY is because I assure you it’s probably not what you’ve been taught.

You’ll be able to move past the things that have had you STUCK all of these years and learn HOW to get UNSTUCK.

I believe that most confusion about purpose is due to a lack of identifying your SPIRITUAL gifts what work in conjunction with your natural talents. I’ll help you EASILY identify both so that you’ll be able to flow EFFORTLESSLY in fulfilling your purpose. 

Our personality is also unique to us and is detrimental to being confident in doing what we are created to do. You’ll learn how to make personality work for you and not against you.
By the way, there are people who will really love you just the way you are. 


“No ma’am, no ham, no turkey” The stuff you get in this course is EXCLUSIVE to this course. You won’t find this teaching online because it is ONLY available to those who understand the value of investing in a purpose filled life. 

What you have to offer the world is PRICELESS and so are the strategies I’ve created to help you uncover that gift. 

You can’t find what I’m teaching you anywhere else because unlike others who googled content to develop their programs, I actually went through a REAL process to uncover mine. 

I’m teaching you EXACTLY what I DID now what I was TAUGHT! 

I learned the HARD way so that you won’t have to. 

You can cut your learning curve in HALF by learning from someone who’s already DONE it. 

It took me YEARS to get what I’m going to teach you in these videos. 
The good thing is, it will only take you three videos to do what it’s taken me years to do. 


I knew you would be . Just click the REGISTER NOW button to get started.