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Prophetic Writing is different from any other style of writing because it takes you on a journey of revelation, release and restoration.  

Release - Release your story 

Revelation - Reveal your truth

Restoration - Restore your identity to be healed and set free

The exact process you go through is the same process your readers will go through as they read your story. 

This is a HIGHLY INTERACTIVE course designed to start you to writing IMMEDIATELY. You will receive STRATEGY, STRUCTURE and STORY TELLING techniques to reach the heart of your readers and compel them to want to know more as they turn each page. 


If you've followed me for a while, it's no surprise to you that my FAVORITE book in the bible is The Book of Esther. Esther was a in a sense a cinderella story. She got her king in the end.

But the beginning of her life was full of tragedy. She lost both of her parents, was exiled from her country and had to take a make a decision that could've cost her life.  

Imagine the aftermath of these circumstances. Abandonment, Rejection, Identity Issues, Fear, Uncertainty, Inadequacy. 

Mordecai told Esther in Esther 4:14

"For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father's family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?"

She said in response to Mordecai in Esther 4:15  "If I perish, I perish" but the truth was she would only perish if she KEPT SILENT! Her freedom was in her RELEASE!

Like Esther, you were created FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS and now it's time for you to TELL YOUR STORY

You have a story, a past that may not be idea, one that has caused you great deal of pain

You know that others could benefit from it and you know you've been called to change the legacy of your family but 

.....fear, inadequacy, rejection, abandonment and uncertainty has kept you silent. 

Esther's decision to reveal who she was to her husband was probably the most terrifying thing she had to do. However, releasing her story SAVED LIVES!

Your story is going to send relief and deliverance not just for you but for those connected to you. 

There are people who are still bound because of your silence.They are waiting on you......

As you release your story and reveal your truth, healing, deliverance and breakthrough are going to happen for you! 

The Reveal: A Prophetic Writing Masterclass 

is purposely designed to RELEASE to set you FREE! The strategy that will change the LEGACY of your FAMILY!
I believe your story is going to go from the neighborhood to the nations making impact for years to come! 


Over 300 people have taken this course ALREADY. Their LIVES have been changed and they are writing their stories with CLARITY and CONSISTENCY!

They are walking in FREEDOM. They’ve broken GENERATIONAL curses in their family because of their willingness to move NOW. 

They are BOLD, POWERFUL and FREE! 

Some are ALREADY writing their SECOND book! 


Here’s what some attendees have to say:

Bianca Brown Says: 

“This class is all prophetic! Their is not one thing about this course that doesn’t have God's’ fingerprints on it. The content is stellar and the clarity it provides is actually tangible! I left this course with a vision, description, strategy, and prophetic alignment. The course content was so potent that after the class was over I was actually led into a spiritual encounter with God where all I could do was weep before the Lord. This investment has been invaluable and God has now led me to invest into the mentorship program. I am looking forward to what's ahead!”

Aaron Portable Says: 

“I actually got inspiration for a brand new book during the prophetic book session itself which turned out to be a really important book I need to complete, alongside polishing up another book I am currently writing. I am so glad I attended your class!”

Katrina Harris Says:

“Shamieka’s delivery is on point. I like the way she guided us through the material with exercises and pulling out memories and purpose for sharing our story. That very same night, the Holy Spirit gave me parts of my story to write.”

E. Linton Says:

“I took your prophetic book writing class. I didn’t even know why, but God had me sign up for the class as soon as I heard about it, even though I wasn’t planning on writing a book! Anyway, long story short, I have been literally filled with the Holy Spirit for two days, crying non stop and spending time with the Lord, and suddenly he just started spilling out of me all these book ideas, when I had literally zero ideas of even what I would ever even write about someday. I’ve got my computer out and I’m typing up ideas, but I just had to tell you how awesome He is. I’ve never felt so full of his presence in my life, and I’m really excited to see what God writes through me. Thanks for all your transparency and obedience to simply follow what He asks of you! I’m inspired by you.”

Sabrina Ellis Says: 

This class was so profound , heartfelt, and holy spirit lead that I would pay again just to be apart of the experience all over again!  Anyway thank you again for being such an angel ! I can’t wait to start busting these chapters out . Oh and I will be enrolling into the mentor ship class.  So you will see me in class again!  


How Will This Work?

I want you to know EXACTLY what you’re signing up for so that you’ll KNOW you’re making the BEST decision for YOU. 

I’m going to FULLY equip you from START to FINISH for the success of your book starting with sending a series of pre-requisites to your email IMMEDIATELY upon registration. 


  1. How to Discover Your Gift of Prophetic Writing

  2. How to uncover your sound as a Prophetic Writer

  3. How to Write a Compelling Story 

  4. How to outline your story for clarity, consistency and in a concise way

  5. How to Overcome Writers Block

  6. How to Position Yourself to hear from God

  7. How to Discern the Voice Of God

  8. How to unlock the Power of God through Fasting

  9. How to activate the Postures of Prayer

  10. How to Pray Prayers that Yield Tangible Results


  1. A series of Pre-Requisites via email to prepare you for training

  2. A Pre-Recorded Video Training

  3. Support Emails with additional content to continue facilitating your writing journey 

  1. Free Ebook (The Reveal)

  1. Lifetime Access to Program 

  1. Lifetime Access to ALL LIVE Group Sessions

  2. Access to Support Group 

  1. BONUS 1: Premium Access Discount to Mentorship Program 

  1. BONUS 2: Book Launch Marketing and Branding Strategy

  1. BONUS 3: Resources for Publishing through createspace, Graphic Designers and Book Editors

You’ll finally be able to move past the things the PAIN of your PAST. The GUILT and SHAME that has had you STUCK all of these years. It has PREVENTED you from having the PEACE you deserve, the HEALTHY relationships you DESIRE. It has kept you from experiencing true FREEDOM in your life. 

I believe that your BREAKTHROUGH is in you releasing your story! 

This masterclass is your one stop shop to your book writing needs! 

You’re ONE decision away from living your BEST LIFE! When you click that button, you’re on a road to JOY you’ve never experienced. Today is the day and NOW is the TIME. Click the button below to register and I’ll see you in class.