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A teen mother turned single mother of two children, raised without a father, battled depression and low self esteem for years took ONE product and created five streams of income that turned into a SIX FIGURE ($100,000 + A YEAR) brand Using wifi, a cell phone and a computer. 

I wrote my book with my computer. I sold t-shirts using Teespring to pay the editor and my book cover designer. I self published through a FREE site and my book has sold internationally!

 I was the LAST person on earth expected to do this. I was actually told by my teacher that my life was over the moment I conceived my daughter in the tenth grade. 

 What she didn't know was that was the strength I needed to figure out how I would prove to my daughter that she was not my failure. 

I went on a relentless path to discover why I was put on this earth and how I could make that work for me. I turned my pain into purpose and my PURPOSE into PROFIT. A SIX FIGURE (OVER $1000,00 A YEAR PROFIT)

But I had to use WHAT I HAD! 

Had I never written the book, the other products/services wouldn’t have been developed.  

If I told you that you could leave that job you hate, earn the amount of money you want and not have to live by any else rules, would you say YES?!?

If I told you that I could show you how to take your God given gifts and turn them into profit, would you say YES? 

If I told you that you ALREADY have EVERYTHING you need to do it, would you start TODAY?

If I told you I could show you how I turned my purpose into a six figure business, would you say YES?



Here’s the thing, GOD can ONLY increase what you're USING!

Some of you are sitting on ideas that can give you financial stability for the rest of your life. 



But your excuses go a little something like this:  

I’m praying about it...

I don’t want to move without God...

I’m waiting on God to tell me what to do...

I don’t know where to start....

I don’t have the money....

I know because I used ALL of those. 

And here’s what happened when I stopped walking in fear and blaming it on God or my circumstances. 


NOW, I’m getting paid to teaching others how to do the SAME thing. 

• God told you to write the book but you won’t even write a paragraph. Instead, you spend all day writing Facebook statuses. 

• You spend more time finding the right filter than you do spending time in prayer to get strategy to write your book. 

He can ONLY expand what you give Him. Give Him a sentence and He’ll give you a paragraph. Give Him the paragraph and He’ll give you a page. Give Him a page and He’ll give you a chapter. Give Him the chapter and He’ll give you a book.  

Give Him your Purpose and He's gifted me to show you how to turn it into PROFIT! 


Make Your Purpose Pay You ONLINE Masterclass.   


How to turn your purpose into profit 

How to get paid several ways from ONE product idea 

How to position yourself to be found by people who WANT your products/services 

How to get your customers to click the BUY NOW button without hesitation

Keep your customers coming back for more

How to identify the RIGHT platform for your services

How to master your mindset to create consistent success

How to forfeit fear and maximize your faith



3 training videos DIRECTLY in your inbox 

2 pre-recorded group strategy session

Lifetime access to program 

Bonus 1: Access to Members ONLY support group  

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In my Make Your Purpose Pay You Masterclass, I've helped my clients:  



>Bring in OVER 18,000 in JUST 45 days 

>Triple their investment in LESS than 30 days 

>Reach international exposure in Canada 

>Relaunch and rebrand their business and create several new streams of income 

>Uncover their purpose and monetize it 

>Turn a hobby into a thriving business 



This course is VALUED at $700. You can have access for ONLY $57!

Why am I giving it to you for this low price?!?!? 

I don't want you to give yourself the "I can't afford it" excuse. 

$57 is a week of Starbucks Vanilla Latte's and A few Double Quarter Pounder Meals at McDonald's

You can AFFORD this. You can't afford NOT to!

You can't afford NOT to:

 Make your getaway from that job you hate (You're miserable. It's time to GO)

Be able to spend time with your family and friends (Your kids NEED you!)

Create unlimited earning potential (You're NEVER paid what you're WORTH working for someone else)

Live life on your own terms (Rules are BORING)

It's also the RIGHT TIME!

You've prayed, fasted, and cried.


It's time to get the strategy to live the life you deserve to live FINALLY!

It’s really that simple.

If you SNOOZE you LOSE! This is the ONLY chance you'll get it at THIS price! 

Those who are REALLY ready, don't have to think about it anymore. They know what they've been praying or and THIS IS IT!

Make your next move your best move. 

Click that button TODAY and Unlock Your Prosperity by Making Your Purpose Pay You